Saturday, June 5, 2010

Worst Parent Award

Hannah got burned this morning.  Second degree burns.  Bethany had taken a cup of coffee to K and Hannah wanting to be helpful had grabbed the cup of coffee I was making for Husband.  It splashed on her wrist and hand causing immediate blisters.  When she dropped the cup and screamed rubbing the hot coffee off onto her dress, she ripped the blister open.  It all happened fast.

I scooped her up, sat with her, soothed her, and examined her to see where the burn was and to see if there were any other burns.  (There weren't.)  I poured cup after cup after cup of cold water over the burn while Husband got the cream, bandages, and wrap.  After irrigating the burn, covering it, wrapping it, etc, we took her to urgent care.

Urgent care "after hours" is closed on week-ends.  During the week, their extended hours are only until 6:00.  So, I called the number on the door and asked where the nearest urgent care place is.  We were told "Either here or Mountain Home."  Well, that is all fine and well, but where is "Here?"  After prying that out of her, we went to Mountain Home.  The nearest ER is about an hour and a half away. 

We finally make it to the ER and they did nothing different than what I did except give her Tylenol with codeine and cut way the skin that she ripped when she rubbed her wrist against her dress.  My concern was infection and making sure I irrigated it well enough.  (I did.)  What I did not think of was the slight possibility of mobility impairment with scar tissue once it's healed.  I was advised to do what I was already going to do and that is take her to the doctor on Monday. 

So, while the ER trip was just a duplication of what I had done at home, it was nice having that confirmation that medically speaking, I did everything right.  We were given a prescription for her for Tylenol with codeine and I don't see her needing it until bedtime when she no longer has daytime distractions from her wrist.

I feel horrible that she got burned and that I didn't stop her from walking with a cup of hot coffee.  It was one of those "She's done it before" things, but the cup had not been filled all the way before.  When the cup is all the way full, I don't allow her to touch it.  But this morning, I was not paying attention.  Yes, I am kicking myself and there is no excuse for what had happened.  I just pray there is no permanent damage from a few seconds lack of judgement.  And, as I had been reminded, this type of injury can happen just as easily in a "normal" home or even a restaurant as it did here.


Wyatt Earp said...

Don't beat yourself up about it. Not your fault. Just one of those things that happens. Lord knows I've been "watching" Julia on the couch once or twice a second before she falls off.

Laura said...

I send hugs to you and to her, Momma Kim.

Anonymous said...

One accident does not a bad parent make.A bad parent would not have tried to get medical treatment for their child.So please stop saying your a bad parent.You are not and could never be a bad parent.

Amy said...

I hope Miss Hannah's wrist is feeling better today.

You are a great Mommy and you know that. I feel the same way when the boys get hurt...unforunately, you can't protect them 24/7 their whole lives.

I miss you guys and hope to see you soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi to all. I know just how you feel. Stuff happens so quickly! When Linda was about 5 she pulled a chair up to the washing machine where I had a stockpot of chicken broth sitting, and trying to get something behind it, she dumped the broth down the front of herself(I had drained the broth from cooking chickens). Hearing her scream I ran in the kitchen, seeing what happened, pulled her clothes off her and sat her in the bathtub of cold water. After she had been it it about 10+ minutes I took her out and called the ER at Children's hospital,(Columbus, Ohio)who told me the only other thing I could have done was put her in the snow bank outside. We -she and I were very blessed. When she finally warmed up she did not have a single blister on her anywhere.

Mrs. Hoppes said...

Wyatt - I'm shocked! With your notorious lightening quick reflexes, your baby girl still fell off the couch? *gasp*

Laura - Thank you. I could use all the hugs I can get right now.

Fuzzy's Dad - I agree. I still feel like a jerk of a parent, though, for it happening to begin with. Give Dana and the girls a kiss for me.

Amy - Of course I'm supposed to protect them 24/7. Didn't you see my cape? Between that and bubble wrap, I should have everything covered, right?

Anonymous - OUCH! How horrifying! Good quick thinking on your part. You both are definitely blessed.