Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Today, being the first, we ran errands and paid a few bills.  First thing this morning, we went to the bank ATM to make sure the money was direct deposited and felt a cold fist of panic when it didn't show a deposit.  We called the VA and they said the money went in and confirmed the account and routing number.  Once the bank opened, the money was there.  It doesn't post to the ATM terminal because although it is the "bank" terminal, it is rented so things are not always updated by the company that owns the ATM in a timely fashion.
Panic gone and we go about our business.  The mortgage got paid.  The bank book register was updated.  The phone bill was paid.  The insurance was paid.  We found a few second hand stores and went to the Salvation Army store.
We had stopped at a gas station so Bethany could go potty and we could pick up cold drinks.  (It's been well over 90* here lately.)  While at the check-out, I am talking to the lady about the importance of investing in some white paint to paint the bathroom doors since my five year old is learning to read.  While I am having this conversation, Bethany is having her own conversation about church and the Bible with the lady behind us.  Bethany shows off reciting the books of the Bible and the lady spontaneously gives her a dollar for being able to do this.  I am pleased that Bethany initiated conversation about church and the Bible and that she received recognition for her hard work.  However, I also hope she realizes that the real reward is not monetary.
But, I need not have worried.  When we stopped at Salvation Army, Bethany wanted to take the very first dollar she has ever earned and decided to spend it not on candy or junk, but on books for her and her brother and sister.  Granted at two books per person, it came to well over a dollar, but that was not the point.  We handed her one of the books and she took it and her dollar and bought her book.  She holds on to that receipt for all its worth.  It is "her" receipt from "her" dollar.
We also stopped at a gun store and met the owner and he is really nice.  He has a good selection at decent prices and with both Missouri and Arkansas being concealed (something we did not have to worry about in Indiana) I was looking at hand guns that would be good to be able to carry concealed.  There were some nice Taurus that have a good fit and a good feel.  For concealed, I am going to have to find a holster online since waist band holsters would not work for me and neither would ankle since I wear dresses and skirts.
Anyway, I am about to lose connection.  Quick note to my Hoosier friends.  We will not be able to make it back to Indiana this month.  July we will be back for several days.  I love all of you and will see you then.


Lisa A. Goff, writer, stained glass, homeschooler said...

Ha, ha, Kim, at first I couldn't understand what you meant by the conversation with the attendant about the importance of buying white paint because your five-year-old is learning how to read . . . then, after a bit, I figured it must have been that the door to the bathroom must have had a lot of graffiti . . . right? Ha, ha! Good luck with that one. If only we could cover up the graffiti all over the world.

leschornmom said...

Hope to see you then!