Monday, May 10, 2010


We had a meeting tonight and it was wonderful.  A lot of stuff got discussed and although I was worried that I had made some people upset, they were thankful that I had brought it out.  I walked away feeling so much better and looking forward to the future and what it holds.
I was going to call back a friend of mine tonight who had called, but the meeting ran longer than anticipated.  (Yet, the time went quick.  Go figure.)  I'm trying to think of ways to help her son do the things he enjoys while keeping him safe.  He enjoys taking things apart, but not the toys that were made for children to disassemble.  I'll give her a call tomorrow with more ideas playing around in my head.
We went to IHOP for dinner after the meeting and there was a table of four people sitting near us who just kept laughing over the antics of our children while I'm trying to keep them under control.  Over tired plus hungry plus being children made for an exhausted me.
I am going to have to pick up some anti-fungal cream for my foot.  We are also going to have to keep powder on hand back home.  Feet sweating plus not getting a chance to have them or the boots to dry out from one day to the next has caught up with me.  The children are doing good in that regard since they have several pairs of sneakers, plus a pair of rain boots, plus a pair of swim shoes.  Husband and I, however, do not have that many shoes.  We do what we can with what we have and be thankful in what God has provided us with.
After we get back to AR, I will be contacting various places and letting them know I'm around for nursing moms who need help.  I need to figure out where the WIC office is, the health department, locate the different pediatricians, family physicians, and the hospitals.


Laura said...

Wow, you called it "home." There you go!

I hope all goes well today.

Anonymous said...

You can use tea tree oil on your feet instead of anti fungal chemicals.

And if it is under the toe nails, use vics vaporub. Before bed slather it on the toenails in a thick layer, and put socks on to sleep. :)

As far as dry shoes goes, it would be worth it to buy two pairs of good boots per person. Wear one pair while the other takes the day to dry out in the truck. Hang a damp-rid bag in the truck and it will pull the moisture out of the shoes that are in there.