Friday, May 14, 2010

Catching Up

So, I know people are curious about Wednesday.  It went very well, thankfully.  I was called and my lawyer was there.  The judge asked the prosecutor is there were any questions for me.  She asked and I answered.  Including the bit about me working and not willing to work again because of the stress at home and the seizures.  The judge agreed that me working would be a "hardship for the family."  Also, because of our income being disability compensation and it not being "my" money, they can not pull from it.  So what I had offered up initially was accepted.  And actually, they ordered less, but said if I wanted to pay more, I could.  They gave me the address I can mail payments to including the number to put on the money orders so they go to the right account.  I go back for a follow up in August and at that time, the contempt charges will be dropped.
I am fighting a cold right now.  I feel miserable physically.  But otherwise, I am doing great.  I got LLL stuff ordered.  I got us set up at the local medical center with a Family Nurse Practitioner.  I found the county library.  I got in contact with some "lone leaders." 
We've had storms moving through here constantly.  Including hail earlier today.  Everything is a flooded, muddy mess.  But, we are still working hard to stay ahead of the rain.  K made the comment earlier that right now all of our energy has been put into keeping us afloat of the mud and rain.  But, that is to be expected when there are major storms all around.  Tornadoes hit the area, but once again, God has kept His hand of protection around us.  We get the rain, but not the damage.
Children's funny sentences:
Bethany coming out of a store with me with a few latex balloons and me telling her she needs to ask Daddy to blow them up because if my allergy:
"I know how to blow things up."

Charlie sees his sisters getting a quick wash down as they are standing in one of the giant stock pots (one at a time) and decides to play in the mud some more.  I ask him why he is coating himself in mud.
"So I can have a bath and get clean."  (He got a creek bath.)

Hannah was pestering her sister and she wanted to be left alone.  Hannah back up a bit and says to Bethany "I can still see you."  I tell her that was mean and she said "I know."


imshocked said...

please remove any comments about LLL. I am shocked you are a LLL Leader to begin with. Did you tell the truth about leaving your other children?
Do your co leaders know you are behind on your child support payments? Some example you are.
It is shameful.

Amy W said...

What does her past have to do with helping nursing mothers? Assuming that you do not know the circumstances of her past, what gives you the right to judge? She was my LLL and I could not have made it as long as I did w/my child if she had not been there. The first time I nursed my oldest, the LLL contact was no help at all and we failed quickly. This time this lady was there for me and supported my youngest and I to where we had a wonderful nursing experience. As a nursing mother, her past does not matter to me nor does it have any effect on helping me nurse my child.
BTW: My name is Amy. I love how some post alias names instead of their own.

Mrs. Hoppes said...

So, you want to know if the leader who sponsored me for leadership knows I was a victim of domestic violence, was not allowed to nurse my other two children (that nursing relationship or lack there of had to be discussed as well as the birthing experience) fled for my life, lost the battle for my children, and after years of no contact was suddenly forced to pay child support and was thousands of dollars behind before I was even made aware of it. Is that the question?

The answer is yes. She was at court with me Wednesday as well as last month and I had dinner with her and her family Tuesday night.

Feel better?

Ashley said...

So sad that ignorance has led to such a mean response. Kim, you have helped many as you know with breastfeeding. You don't have to explain yourself to someone hiding behind their computer.

What is shameful? Someone holding things over another ones head. Especially when you know little about it AND it's none of your business.

Kim, keep your chin held high!