Saturday, May 15, 2010

I'm sick

I have a miserable cold with a fever.  I feel like crud.  Yet, work still needs to be done.  The generator ran today to charge batteries.  I took advantage of that and did a load of laundry.  I still have another load to do.  Tomorrow, we have to get more water.  We have had nothing but rain and thunderstorms so everything is a muddy mess and getting worse.  We can't even think about working towards the house.  We are focused on survival at camp.  Water and fire.  Those are constants.  Without those, we don't eat, drink, clean, bathe, or do anything else to survive. 
Because of all the mud and the fact that we had more storms last night to add to it, we kept the children in the trailer today.  It made for a tough day for them, but if we want the outside to be habitable, the making of mud had to be minimized.  So they played games, drew, wrote notes, did some schoolwork, and voiced a few complaints.
The "bathroom" collapsed last night.  Wind or weight of water from the rain, I don't know.  I took benadryl last night before bed and me and benadryl don't mix.  Or mix very well.  I get loopy and pass out quickly.  Apparently, there were thunderstorms last night with lightening nearby and high winds.  I slept through it.  No more benadryl for me.

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