Wednesday, April 28, 2010

House Design description.

The main area of the house (livingroom, diningroom, kitchen) is going to be the center with the main enterance coming into the livingroom.  The kitchen will be against the back (stove, counters, etc) and there will be no high cabinets.  (T is short and has made this request.)  The Hoppes bedrooms will be on one side and the other family will be on the other side with hallways to the bedrooms that can be closed off.
There is going to be an underground (of sorts) greenhouse in the back that can be accessed from the kitchen.  It will have a glass roof.  This will give us fresh produce all year round.  We've already had good luck with solar so we will keep that up and will have a wind turbine to provide our electricity.  We also have a generator for emergency backup.
We are going to build up around and over the house so we will have a green roof.  (Dirt, grass, etc.)  Much like the "Hobbit" houses.  About 80% of the materials used to build the house will be raw material from the land.  (Things like hinges, glass, etc will obviously have to be bought.)
If we had a scanner, I would scan in the plans.


Anonymous said...

Kim and George 'Tis just me. the plans sound neat!! Now just paint the front of the house like the surrounding scenery let the roads grow over and just have a small heliport. All kidding aside it does sound neat.

Laura said...

Okay, T is short and you're building a Hobbit house....I have this picture of T now! Ha!, I feel like I'm really giving you the third degree, but it's only because I'm so interested in what you're did you all come to acquire this land? 80 acres sounds just wonderful and so full of natural resources.

Mrs. Hoppes said...

Owner financed land contract. Four beautiful, perfect words. And it is full of natural resources. I love it.

Michelle in Illinois said...

It sounds sooo neat! Can't wait to see your progress. The greenhouse sounds really cool.

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