Friday, April 30, 2010

Shared Branching

I love it.  I am a member of a credit union in Indiana.  I am in the process of transferring things, but I still have my account there.  I think I will keep it even though I am opening a bank account down here.  The ability to withdraw money from most credit unions above and beyond ATM limits makes for serious convenience.
Last night was absolutely gorgeous.  Husband and I slept under the stars last night and they were so crystal clear it was indescribable.  I thought the stars were clear and brilliant in New Goshen!  This put New Goshen to shame.  I wish I could bottle all this magnificence up and share it with everyone.  The smells, the sounds, the sights, the everything.  God's creation is perfect.
I will say, however, that opening my eyes this morning and being eyeball to eyeball with a chicken was rather amusing.  As I lay awake this morning watching the clouds go by overhead in anticipation of the rain due later today, I couldn't help but feel insignificant and humbled being able to experience all of this.

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