Saturday, March 27, 2010

Strange Sentences

There are some things that when the average person says them, the reaction is predictable. When I say them, it is run-of-the-mill, everyday, whatever commentary of my day-to-day life.
Talking with someone on the phone: "I'm covered in blood and hiding from my children." Most people, when they say something like that, the reaction would be "Are you ok? Should I call the police?" I say something like that, it's "Do you have your coffee with you?"
I was discussing donkey penises earlier as well. Who has these kinds of conversations? (Besides me.)
Exciting things are happening and I will start sharing soon about it all. Meanwhile, I will continue to have conversations about penises and bloody clothes. And, people will just continue to think that normal for me. (Should I be worried?)
Two roosters got butchered today (hence the being covered in blood) and I coated one with rosemary and the other with ginger. They are foil wrapped, in the fridge, and will be tomorrow's dinner. I was in the shower when Husband called and since my phone is waterproof, I answered it and talked with him while showering. It was amusing.
M came over today and finished her wedding invitations and got them printed off. Her wedding is the 17th and is going to be a backyard cook-out type wedding. I'm doing the cake and hair. Well, I need to go find Bethany. She has taken this opportunity to hide.

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Amy said...

I made the blog! Woohoo!

Always a pleasure carrying on interesting conversations with you Miss Kim.

If I knew M and you'd be doing invitations, K and I would have come by. I figured you'd be covered in blood all afternoon and busy.