Friday, March 26, 2010

I made candles!

Well, sort of. I took old, used paraffin wax, melted it, and poured it into old jelly and spaghetti sauce jars. Next time, I am going to tie a washer or something to the wick to keep it from floating around as the wax hardens. I put some eucalyptus and citronella essential oils in the wax so the candles can also be used to help with the upcoming mosquito population. I found one in our bedroom the other day. (Mosquito, not candle.)
Husband and son should be home tomorrow. I can't wait. I miss them terribly. Having my husband away from me like this is hard. He is my other half.
The girls are missing their daddy and their brother. They have been 100% pure mischief today. To an outsider, it would look like their normal mischief, but to me, I see the subtle difference in their actions and reactions since Brother and Daddy aren't here. They did enjoy talking on the phone, but I don't think it helped much.
Time to tuck them into bed (again) and encourage them to quit jumping on it (again) and to leave room for me for when I come to bed. (They are in my bed because they miss Charlie and Daddy.)

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Anonymous said...

'tis just me, B...A neat way we made candles at church one year. Have two colors of wax melted in pans then take a balloon and fill it with cold or ice water. Dip the balloon in one color of wax let it harden. Do this until there is about a half inch of wax coating the balloon then empty the water out and remove the balloon. After it has cooled then pour the other color of wax in it. They were pretty and even lighting the candle did not melt the outer shell. Called you the other day. Must not have got it. Love you guys.