Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I got an e-mail today from someone I haven't talked to in a while. I remember who she is and remember liking her a lot. The e-mail she sent me was in reference to one of the message boards I had mentioned. As of the time she sent the e-mail, she said it was five pages long. She sent me a link to it, but to be able to see what it says, I would have to register. Apparently, among the things being mentioned (such as me supposedly making all this up and enjoying the lime light on this message board that I have no access to) is the possibility of Husband killing all of us. Once I got done laughing, I read it to him (and the friends we had over) and the best comment that we could come up with is "How sad do people have to be to not only start a whole topic about our family, but keep it going with such lies and outrageous accusations." And it's true. These people obviously have such pathetic lives that they have to amuse themselves by doing their level best to try to tear me down. Well, it's kind of hard to tear a person down when the person isn't even there to be torn down. That's number one. Number two is I'm not going to let them. Why bother. I know who these people are and what they stand for. They are at their best when they can make someone feel at their worse. I've seen it and been on the receiving end of it. Although, the person who sent me the e-mail (and I thank you) does have a good point. The way they are trying to trash me and the stuff they are saying could in some remote possibility make things more difficult when it comes time to go before the judge. Murder is not funny. Joking about it is tasteless. Trying to decide if a person's husband is capable of it makes me wonder what they think about their husbands.
In any event, today was spent goat herding. They got loose and I had to go chase them. Thankfully, K and T were here and they helped herd them.
The children have demonstrated their ability to do their job very well. (My theory about children is that it is their job to get dirty (playing) and if they are not dirty by the end of the day, they have not done their job.) The girls had to spend extra time in the shower getting the caked in mud and dirt out of their hair. Now that they are nice and clean and ready for bed, they just went running back outside.
In other amusing events of the day, the children left the screen door open and who comes wandering in but a hen and a rooster. That created some amusing havoc. The rooster got caged for dinner tomorrow night. The hen was ushered back outside. The puppies really need to learn how to herd.
I've been looking into curriculum for next year. While Charlie does do some workbook work, I want a more consistent core curriculum. I'm wanting to look at Rod and Staff. One of the moms in my homeschool group uses it and I want to talk with her about it and get her opinion.
I examined some of the goats today as we were herding them. Frenchie looks very close. Patches is still going to be a couple of weeks. Flora has a while yet. I couldn't grab Ellena to examine her. Nor could I grab the others. So, we are on watch and wait duty again. I just pray we don't lose another goat while kidding.


Anonymous said...

Kim, 'tis me again,B. what did the pups think of rounding up the goats and were they the perpetrators of the chickens in the house? Sounds like your gonna have lots of milk to make your soap with. Are you going to be selling at the Rockville Farmers market this year. Also I heard that there is a farmers market in one of the towns south of us.
As far as the internet gossipmongers... pray for 'em and heap coals upon their heads!

Wyatt Earp said...

Ignore the trolls on those message boards, K. And if they keep it up, look into filing charges. Most states have cyber-stalking laws now.

sarsie said...

Kim, you know I'm behind you. I don't see the point in sending you threads or pictures or telling you what's being said-it's irrelevant to you!! I will tell Wyatt this though..talking about something someone posts on a public domain isn't cyber-stalking.

Anyway, Kim, good luck with everything. Ignore teh message boards (by the way, I think that thread is way down on the list now...although I haven't kept up, as you can imagine if you take a look at my blog!).

Take care hon.