Friday, February 26, 2010


We got puppies. Yes, puppies plural. They are blue heelers with floppy ears. They are cute as all get out. We initially got four puppies, but a friend of ours took one. So now, we are down to three which we plan on keeping. Two girls and a boy. And, the children have adopted one each. can we guess how it went?
Charlie has "Sergeant." Or "Sarge" for short.
Bethany has adopted "C.C." C.C. is short for Chocolate Chip. She looks like chocolate chip bread.
Hannah has by default taken "Rolly." Rolly Polly is a tubby little thing and was the first one to find the food and water. Incidentally, she is also the first one to figure out where the door is and how to ask to go outside.
Tomorrow, we are going to be celebrating Bethany's birthday. We try not to do huge things for birthdays and this is bigger than I wanted, but I also am trying to make up for last year when her birthday got buried under the weight of deaths, wakes, funerals, visitations, pneumonia, and whooping cough. I don't know if I am doing the right thing or not, but I know that Bethany will enjoy herself. Besides, the cake is already made. I just need to make the frosting.


mmpaints said...

Congrats on finding great puppies! Blue Heelers are very smart critters. My pups all have floppy ears until around 3 months and then they perk up on their own.
Happy birthday to Bethany!

fuzzys dad said...

Happy Birthday Bethany

Ms. Burrows said...

Congrats on the pups. I have a heeler (red) and she is very smart. She can be stubborn as heck, and tries to be dominating, but she's smart, and good with the kids. We've had her for nearly 9 years now.

Ms. Burrows said...

Oh and they are typically really great at fetch/catch and frisbee. :)