Sunday, February 28, 2010


My thoughts are unfocused right now. My mind is being pulled in several directions. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow for a follow up due to a bad pap result. I am thinking spring and have my mind working in the garden already. I have goats that are ready to drop kids. I have children with a serious case of disobedience. My tachycardia has been acting up. I have not gotten on the wii yet today. Last week when I went two days without the wii fit, it showed when I hopped back on. It was really sad seeing how bad I was with two days of no working out.
Anyway, my mind is unfocused and scattered all over the place. This is not good for me. I do not like being unfocused. So, I am going to sign off, get the girls in bed where they belong, and workout.

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Laura said...

Okay, SuperWoman. Hang up your cape for a while.

Breathe. Drink lots of water. And give yourself a break. (I've had to tell my husband this today, too.)

You missed two days of exercise over the span of a week. Perfectly okay to do. Just get back on today and do a good job.

Hope you have a good Monday, Kim.