Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bill Paying Day

Bills got paid today. Well, most of them. The rest will be taken care of on the first. We are getting back into the envelope method (aka Dave Ramsey) of doing things. I got the March menu done the other day and did most of the grocery shopping today. There are a few items I still need to pick up that aren't found at Aldi's or Sav-a-Lot. I am below budget with the groceries right now which is a good thing. It means I haven't totally lost my touch with budget shopping and menu planning. We are definitely getting back on track with things which is a good feeling. I am thankful with the new friends we have who just by being them have inspired me to start doing the things I know I should be doing and have done, but lost interest in the drama that was 2009. I had been struggling with getting back on track, but didn't really have the drive beyond "I know I should" and now that drive is there.
I got laundry soap made yesterday and finally got the 5 gallon bucket put back by the washing machine today. It has been a while since I made laundry soap. Granted doing 5 gallons at a time means it lasts a while. I still have a ton of soap scraps that need to eventually get made into laundry soap that I am pondering just making a million gallons all at once and getting it over with. (Kidding!)
Tomorrow, I am going to be helping a friend of mine declutter. While I am doing that, the children will be sitting at her kitchen table doing schoolwork and the husbands will be butchering goats. Well, at least one goat. I am going to bring both 40 quart stock pots with me so they can put the bones in them so I can make lots of broth.
I have so much to be thankful for. Wonderful friends, dedicated, supportive, loving husband, healthy, joyful children, and most importantly, the God of Israel who has blessed me with all of this.

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Ms. Burrows said...

Hope everything goes as planned. We are hoping to get some goats this spring. Guess we'll see.