Sunday, February 14, 2010


Or maybe I should say Wiiiiiiiiii! After searching high and low and going to the Evil Empire (and running into several people I know including a baby I have not seen since he was first born) and discovering that no one around here has a Wii, I came home frustrated. Although I try not to be materialistic, every once in a while, I come across something that I just *have* to have. The Wii became one of these things. Especially after using other people's Wiis.
I made phone calls, searched the internet, and kept coming across the same thing. "Out of stock." Then I saw Target. All the stores listed had the same thing. "Out of stock." Except for one. "Available." I called. Cold it be real? Could they really have one? Is this accurate? Yes, they do. They have several. And, they agreed to put it aside for me.
I let husband know about it. There is no Target locally. It was going to be a drive. We are talking Carmel. Not Plainfield. Carmel. He told me to go ahead. Call M to see if she could come with me. Relax. Have fun. Go to Qdoba for dinner. Well, twist my arm why don't you? So I call M and she is all for it and says "There is a Qdoba nearby." She was either channeling my husband or she is addicted to Qdoba. (Since she is the one who introduced me to Qdoba, I am going with the latter.)
As we got closer, I was getting nervous. What if they did not put it aside? What if they did, but only for an hour or so? I never told them how far we were driving. What if they are sold out by the time we get there? I can't believe I am doing this. What is wrong with me? Why am I driving 90 miles for a Wii? Have I lost my mind?
We get to Target and make a beeline for the electronics department. Yes, they still have some in the case. And, they did put one aside for me. I paid for it right then and there. I got my Wii. All is right with the world. I have succumbed to consumeristic envy. All is wrong with the world.


Tina Michelle said...

We love our Wii so much!! It is completely fun for the whole family. Even my 2yo and 3yo have a Dora game on it that is super easy to play. I am glad you got one and had a time out with a friend!

Lisa A. Goff, writer, stained glass, homeschooler said...

Ohhhh, wish I had known ahead of time . . . Cheri's friend in Paris has been looking for a Wii for a while now . . . out of stock . . . if she still needs it, I could have had you pick one up for her. I'll tell her about the Target and maybe she can call them and maybe they would ship it to her?????

Dana said...

I'm so jealous! I've been wanting a Wii for a long time!