Monday, March 1, 2010

Wii Waah!

I never did get on the wii last night and now I am not allowed on it until Wednesday. I had my biopsy today and there was a lot of bleeding by the time the doctor was done. The doctor coated my cervix in acetic acid and what turned white was removed for biopsy. I guess a lot turned white. The doctor had a hard time getting the bleeding to stop. He went through a couple of packets of silver nitrate and then used something else since the silver nitrate was not stopping the bleeding. So now, I am effectively not allowed to do any lifting or exercising until Wednesday and I am on pelvic rest for a week.
Because of how badly today's appointment went, SIL kept the girls. Charlie went to the scout leader's house and went to scouts with him tonight. Him and his wife know about my appointment and they are on stand-by if I have to go to the hospital during the night. (Husband is worried about that.) They also expressed concern over how pale I look. On the bright side, Husband said I don't look as bad as I did earlier. The doctor's nurse was looking worried about me. She wanted to get me a cold was cloth or water or something.
The doctor said to call Thursday for the results and the results will determine if my cervix gets frozen or surgically removed. But don't worry, I will be unconscious for the procedure. (Gee, thanks?)
So, I will know more of Thursday.
I am not going for anymore annual exams. I was fine until I had my exam. My breasts were fine and my cervix was fine. I go and suddenly there are lumps and lesions and all kinds of horrible things and awful tests. If I didn't go, none of this would be going on and I would be fine. (Denial is a wonderful thing.)

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Ms. Burrows said...

Oh dear. I'm sorry you are going through all that. :(