Friday, February 5, 2010

I discovered something today

Too many apples, oranges, and carrots in my children acts about the same as pure sugar. They had a LOT of fresh fruit and vegetables these past few days and they have been acting completely wild. It took a while to figure out that they have had a lot of sugar. Granted, it is in its most natural form, but they have had a lot of it. Oh, my goodness! Will you please stop jumping off the back of the couch, running non-stop while screaming and shrieking and laughing breathlessly "I can't stop running!" Good gravy!
I wasted most of the day today doing absolutely nothing. Some dishes and laundry got done. Meals got done. But I had no desire to do much of anything else. Post adrenaline let down? I don't know. But, thankfully, the house isn't too bad and it stayed at a maintenance level. I did nap today. And what did I dream about while napping? Laundry. Even in my sleep I do housework.
While this scare turned out to be nothing, it has put some things to the forefront. One thing being get the will done. Indiana doesn't have that automatically going to the spouse bit. Why, I don't know. So the will needs to get done. (Make that wills plural. Both his and mine.) While we can't get life insurance for Husband, we should get life insurance for me. When did I become an adult?

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