Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday Update (On a Friday!)

This is a full week and it is not pretty.
This week’s reading: 94185
Usage: 1206kwh
Average Daily: 172kwh putting us at 571% of the average American.
I was going to experiment by cutting out the dishwasher, but my mind was muddied this past week. No excuse, I know. Our usage is too high for anyone, much less us. Even with turning the hot water tank off, we are still very high. I did notice the dehumidifier running quite a bit this week. Even with it being an “energy star” I know it sucks a lot of electricity. Hmm. I need to do some investigating this week.
Plant: Husband has been sticking orange seeds in dirt. It will be interesting to see what happens.
Harvest: There is no harvesting going on right now, but I did get a good deal on local apples at Farmer’s Market.
Reduce waste/manage preserves: It took just over two weeks, but we did manage to fill one bag of trash to take to town.
Preparation/storage: Nothing new going on here.
Build community food system: Nothing new going on here either.
Eat the food (Try new recipes): This past week was mental survival mode. It is amazing how draining it is when the mind is occupied with a one centimeter spot.
Filled up the van. 19 gallons and 18mpg.
We have been letting the van warm up. I guess personal comfort trumps ecological responsibility?. MONEY:
$70 Bloomington trip/training. Breakfast, lunch, dinner for two people.
$500 new laptop which includes a two year warranty.
$48 gas
$20 breakfast post-mammogram
We are caught in a mud pit/frozen tundra cycle. It is getting old quick .
The girls have been anxious to learn and very focused on learning the basics. I am taking advantage of that and teaching Bethany some more reading skills and teaching Hannah letter writing.
Don’t ask.
Plant more vegetables
Start cleaning front yard. (As long as the temperatures cooperate.)
Get some bread baked.
Start on garage. (Temperature dependent.)

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