Thursday, February 4, 2010

God is good!

These past few days have been stressful. While logically I knew that the mammogram was going to be no big deal and that the majority of the time it shows nothing, I was still worried. This is a lump in my breast. This isn't someone else where the pat answers and platitudes sound good. I already know all the pat answers and platitudes. I know all the statistics and facts. However, that being said, this is a lump in my breast. It's kind of like with Hannah and the hole that was in her heart that has since healed. I know all the statistics and facts and all of that. But this is my child and she had a hole in her heart. Being the one in the middle of it makes for some very scary moments when looking at the worst-case scenario. I try not to look at it, but I do.
I went for the mammogram this morning followed by an ultra sound on both breasts. The lump is on the right and after the mammogram, I am asked to wait. The technician comes out and needs to do a few more plus a close-up on the left. Ok. I can handle this. Did the doctor miss something on Monday? Did I miss something when I came home and did my own exam? I already went through the whole what-if of losing one breast. Will I lose both? If I do lose a breast (or both breasts) do I go through reconstructive surgery?
After the ultra sound of the breasts, M is brought back to sit with me and wait for the radiologist. (M came with me today since she is a woman and Husband figured I'd want a woman with me in the aftermath. Both good and bad.) The tests showed nothing. There is nothing there. (The lump can still be felt, but it does not show up on either of the machines.) This means I am ok. YAY!
The radiologist left and M said "Yay! I don't have to cut my hair off." I looked at her. She, apparently, had been going down her own worst-case scenario and decided that if I did have cancer and had to undergo chemo, she would cut all her hair off. Keep in mind, her hair is longer than mine and is a beautiful strawberry color. I just about cried right there.
God has truly blessed me with a clean bill of health and wonderful friends. I am very thankful

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Ms. Burrows said...

Glad to hear the good news. Must feel nice to relax again. :)