Saturday, January 9, 2010

Friday Update on a Saturday

This is a nine day reading. While high, it is actually lower than last week‘s five or six day reading..
This week’s reading: 89782
Usage: 1849kwh
Average Daily: 206kwh putting us at 684% of the average American. Now that I am home, I am hoping that this will drop more. I have ideas that will help (such as not using the dryer) that will hopefully cut back drastically on our usage.

Plant: Nothing new got planted, but some pots did come in from outside and now that they are thawed, I am hoping to get some vegetables planted.
Harvest: The only thing we would be harvesting would be eggs, but they are freezing and cracking before we even get out there..
Preserve: Cabbage soup got preserved and I am currently making chicken soup to preserve.
Reduce waste/manage preserves: There are two jars that lost their seal so they are getting thrown away. We checked the rest of the jars and they are still ok.
Preparation/storage: Nothing new here. We lost some gloves and once they are found, they will be put back in their central location.
Build community food system: No community food system, but I went to the Amish bulk store and spoke with them about our soaps. They are interested and seeing what we have and maybe carrying them.
Eat the food (Try new recipes): I made deer meatloaf and some is frozen. Not new exactly, but it’s different for some people.

Once again, now that I am home, this will improve.

I filled up the van and while I don’t remember the gallons, I do remember 14mpg. The van needs a serious tune-up. That is the lowest I had ever seen it.

Good gravy! Uhhhh….
Slightly reckless, but not bad? I don’t remember and don’t have receipts in front of me.

Everything is a frozen tundra. With below zero temperatures, we are having to run a hose from inside the house to the outside. The eggs are freezing. Right now, it is a matter of surviving this. I don’t know what happened to global warming, but it sure ain’t here right now. . HOMESCHOOL:
Charlie has lost his ever loving mind. He has gone from knowing how to add and subtract to the 100s and now can’t even comprehend 24-9=__. I don’t know what happened, but it is annoying. On the other hand, he is reading Tom Sawyer right now. I am waiting for the questions about things like the “n” word. It hasn’t come up yet. I’m just waiting.

NONE of them happened, so I am going to keep them as new goals again.

Get the truck supplies done.
Get some vegetables planted.
Get my control journal updated
Get started on cleaning out the garage. (Temperature dependent.)

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