Monday, January 11, 2010

Boy Scouts Meeting

So I was at the Scouts meeting tonight with Charlie and one of the moms (who is also secretary, treasurer, and Jill-of-all trades) brought snacks. One of the things she brought was juice boxes. Juicy Juice boxes. And I saw the Nestle logo. Personally, I don't care what others buy or bring, but we boycott Nestle. It was actually strange seeing it and I made a joke about it. Most people I know also boycott Nestle. Apparently, no one here had heard of the boycott so understandably so, they asked. I must say, I was very well behaved. Just so others are aware, I will post some links about the boycott.
This here has 5 different less than 10 minute video clips of how formula companies have undermined breastfeeding drastically in the Philippines.
1.5 million babies die each year due to unsafe formula feeding practices. Practices that would be a non-issue if mothers were given the option to breastfeed and given accurate information.
In this video, the first picture shown is a mother bottle feeding one child and breastfeeding another child. These babies were twins and she was told that women can not make enough milk to feed twins. The baby who was bottle fed died a few hours after that picture was taken.
Here is another brief synopsis of the boycott.
A search of the Nestle boycott will bring up all kinds of information.

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