Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Weigh Day

Well, I did not quite make my personal 4 pound weight loss goal. I just missed it by 0.6 pounds. I lost 3.4 pounds this week. So, it was a successful week. Not as successful as I would have liked, but still a success.
My lady.... She was very mean today and hot tempered. She yelled at me quite a bit. I lost my cool. I looked at her and said "You do not speak to me this way. I am your caretaker NOT your servant!" She looked at me and said "Then start doing what you are told!" I went down and placed our dinner order even though she said she did not want dinner. I had been advised to do so anyway and just place it in the fridge for her for later. She turned around and cancelled the dinner order. Including mine. So from now on, I will be sure to bring something for me to eat. Normally if someone treats me as horribly as I was treated today, I would walk away. But in this case I can't. Despite her treatment of me, I will not put her in danger by walking out or walking away.
Father, help me love her and see her with Your eyes. Help me care for her as You would have me. Show me how to have more compassion and understanding with her.

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