Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas Eve. I am at work sitting with my lady as she finishes up Christmas cards. My relief will be here around 5:00 or so. There is a new policy in place. We are now allowed only one meal rather than the three we were getting and if there is a meal beyond the one, it will be deducted from our check. So $6.00/hour and one meal. I am not taking any more meals period. I am not going to chance having anything deducted. I will bring all my own food and that will be that. Of course, I do this and my lady orders herself two lunches today. It better not show up as mine. My lady told me to do her laundry while she napped. I told her "No." I told her that since she treats me like dirt, I am done with the extras. If she wants her laundry done, she can do it herself. She was shown by the OT how she can do it herself using the shopping cart and I will supervise to keep her safe which is my job, but I am not going to do it for her.
Tomorrow morning, we have church then we will go to my SIL. From there, we are expected at D's around 1:00. I am really looking forward to tomorrow. Celebrating the birth of Christ and the hope He brought to the world is a wonderful thing. I despise the consumeristic aspect of Christmas, but being able to take the time to reflect on His birth and the promise He gave us is wonderful. Being able to teach my children about that and what it means for them is amazing. The fact that my Father sent His Son to be with us, teach us, and ultimately sacrificed Himself for us is humbling.

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