Saturday, December 5, 2009

Sleep eludes me

Especially when I am getting ready for bed and I get a phone call:
"Hi, Kim? M's being taken to the ER by ambulance. She's been hemorrhaging and was passing out." I had talked to her less than three hours before hand and she said she was fine. So, when this is all over, I am going to have to smack her upside the head. She had a D&C with twilight sedation. Because she is still nursing, twilight sedation was the more comfortable option for her and the anesthesiologist because it leaves the system faster. We got back from the hospital after 1:00am.
Speaking of hemorrhaging, three years ago today, I nearly bled to death. The little squirt who refused to come out now runs around on a path of chaos and destruction where her brother and sister are concerned. As I look back over the past three years, it is amazing how some things have changed and some things have not. One thing is for sure. I wouldn't trade these past few years for anything.
Well, cake is done and cooled so I must go frost it. Hannah is wanting some "Chocolate Happy Birthday Cake" right now. I suppose since it is her birthday I should let her have a small piece. Especially since she just came up to me and said "You are the best mommy!"


Wyatt Earp said...

Happy birthday, Hannah!

(Oh Kim, gonna order some more oatmeal soap this week. The Paypal account is under the wife's name, I think - just so you know.)

fuzzys dad said...

Happy Birthday Hannah