Sunday, December 6, 2009

After church today, I went to check on M. After the other night, I decided to go in person. Granted, it is a 40 mile drive one way, but she is worth it. She looks a lot better today and even though she is moving slow, she is definitely out of the woods.
On the way back, I stopped by the house to feed the animals. As I was bent over opening a bag of feed, Patches decided she couldn't wait to eat and grabbed a mouthful of my hair. We will be moving back home very soon. I see a couple of goats that need butchering and a few who need pregnancy tests done. There are a few roosters waiting to be butchered as well. Buttercup was laying on the bottom shelf when I came in. She looked very comfortable until she got down. She is starting to look a bit wide. We are feeding two bags a day and there is none left over. When we get home, we are going to let the goats loose in the yard to eat down the growth. We have a lot of yard clean-up to do. That's for sure. But we need to focus inside first so we can get moved in. Then once there, we can work on the outside. I am actually excited about getting our home back.

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