Friday, December 4, 2009

Found it!

We found the perfect gift for Charlie. It is something he will enjoy for a long time. Granted, it is not a gun, but it is still useful. Since he knows how to read and like to read over my shoulder, I am not sharing what it is.
Yesterday, my lady fell. She was trying to walk too fast and tripped over her own two feet. One of the workers who has known my lady for years asked me about the fall and since we were with an intern, she wanted to know what kind of role the intern played. I assured her that the intern was not at fault in the least. After talking for a few minutes, I did make mention that if it is not policy, then maybe it should be (at least unwritten) to walk slow and let the resident set the pace and not walk ahead. That is just a common sense thing to me, but it might not be to a college student who is used to moving quickly. In any event, my lady has a habit of trying to walk too fast regardless and this was not her first fall. I am sure it won't be her last either sadly enough. She has a few bruises, but was otherwise in good spirits today. Thankfully, nothing was broken and there were no bleeding issues due to coumadin.
Tomorrow morning, I need to bake a cake. I have the flour and cocoa powder so I will make it chocolate. I also have powdered sugar so I can make frosting. I can't believe my baby is going to be three. So far, her life has been like her birth. Filled with adventure and a true test of patience. Be careful what you pray for. God does answer prayers. And, I wouldn't have it any other way.

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