Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It's Over

My friend finished miscarrying. The baby came out this morning. All that's left is the bleeding. I feel bad. It is a hard thing to go through. There is no way to make it better or easier. There is nothing to make the emotional pain go away. There is nothing to say to her except "I'm sorry" and to continue to pray for her.
My lady is a bit ornery today. I have to smile as she demands to do things her way. It is good that she wants more control over her life, but she still needs to be pulled back a little as she goes for independence so she could be kept safe.
I am anxious to move back into my home. Husband is having issues still. He goes there and he feels sick to his stomach. Understandable considering how badly everything has been messed up. However, I want my home back. I want my kitchen back. I want to be able to start cooking again like I used to. I want to have things set up the way I like. I want to see the children back outside playing on a daily basis.
Husband is back on insulin. His cholesterol is just over 200. None of this is good. Diabetes runs in my family and my fasting sugars have been around 140 while my 2 hour has been over 150. (I use Husband's meter.) While I don't have an official diagnosis of diabetes, I know what those numbers mean. Being back home and eating the way we used to will make a difference. I am not going to call the doctor for me yet. I want to see what I can do on my own.


Lisa A. Goff, writer, stained glass, homeschooler said...

How far along was your friend?

Your numbers aren't extremely high. You should be able to get those back down on your own. When you get back to your hard farm labor, that should also help bring them down.

How soon do you think you'll be able to move back into your house? Maybe once you get back there and get settled in G will be okay.

Mrs. Hoppes said...

She was 15 weeks.