Monday, November 30, 2009

Long Week-end

I had a very long week-end. While it is always nice spending the week-end with a friend of mine, the purpose of this visit was more of a babysitting, supportive role rather than a hang out, relax and have fun role. I picked up blue and black cohosh and dong quai for her and basically sat back and kept an eye on her while she took the herbs so her body could expel the dead baby she was carrying. It was not a top ten pleasant week-end. We were basically trying to induce labor. The contractions finally started becoming strong and regular last night and this morning she started bleeding. She had an appointment this afternoon and she was deemed in good health and sent home to continue miscarrying naturally.
Part of laboring involves walking so we drove into town and went to the mall. Amazingly enough, it was not as bad as I thought it was going to be people-wise with it being the first "Christmas Shopping" week-end. It was not crowded at all. I did find a new favorite store for nice, long, modest skirts. And, they are reasonably priced. (Reasonably priced meaning they are around $10 each.) I like them. I want them. But, I do not need them. (I do need to mend some of the skirts I do have.)
We also went to Toys R Us. THAT place was insane. The place was packed. But, I did do all of my Christmas shopping Saturday. (Well, except for one or two people.) I got each of the girls their gift and I got Husband his gift. Charlie's gift will be gotten at Gander Mountain. We are doing one gift each this year for the children instead of the typical three gifts each. We can't afford more. The chaos with the house basically did us in. However, we are going to have Christmas in our home and the house will be decorated both inside and out even if it kills me.
Saturday, Hannah will be three. That is just unreal. I can't believe that my baby is turning three. Yikes. Where does the time go?

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