Thursday, December 3, 2009

Almost done

There are only a few items left on my Christmas list. I want to get M a pot and pan set. I would prefer Wolfgang Puck if possible for her. It is a really nice set. It is the one we have and I really like it. I want to get my SIL something special. She has done so much for us. I have an idea of what I want to get and do for her. It is a matter of implementing it. For Charlie, we were going to get him a rifle, but have decided to wait until his birthday. So, we are looking at other things. I want to look around tonight with Husband. I'll see if SIL can look after the children. Anyway, for Christmas shopping, that is all that is left. I am going to give my lady a soap basket and I will do the same for her daughters. I need to figure out what scents they enjoy so that I can make a basket that they will enjoy.
I had an amusing and interesting conversation not too long ago with one of the ladies who work where I work. I had shared about how wonderful my husband is and that led to sharing about homebirth and our lifestyle. While I can see how others view my life as interesting, fascinating, different, etc, to me it is not all that strange. Although ten years ago, I probably would have thought differently. I really enjoy the homesteading lifestyle and am looking forward to getting back into it when we get back into our home. (That will hopefully be soon. I am tired of living in town.)
Yesterday, I had an afternoon with Bethany and we had lunch together. We then paid a couple of bills and went to the mall. There is a store there that has beautiful ankle length skirts. I splurged and picked up a few since they had a decent sale going on. I actually bought new clothes for myself. I do need to get going on making some skirts when we get home. I'm thinking of bringing my sewing to work. At the very least, I can do waists. Or I can teach myself how to knit.
I also found out that there is a Weight Watchers meeting on Tuesdays within spitting distance from here at 6:00pm. So I am going to get back into WW here next week.

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