Tuesday, December 8, 2009


That is my current weight according to Weight Watchers.  I did it.  I went back a glorious failure after devouring the last piece of chocolate cake last night.  Ok, so maybe not the last ever, but the last for a good long time.  While this is not the highest weight ever, it is higher than it was when I first joined back in February.  That's ok though.  I am starting over with a clean slate so to speak.  My name was still in the system, but my last weigh-in was not.  None of my weights were.  So, I have a new book and new 5% and 10% goals and all that other good stuff.
My lady is looking better today after her fall last week.  She also seems to be energetic and strong willed.  This is a good thing.  Except when it interferes with keeping her safe.  She wants to do for herself and while that is the goal, it is not going to happen today.
One of the ladies that work at the independent living center read my blog and while she found it interesting, she was highly disturbed by the whole eating Peter Rabbit bit.  Well, we gotta eat, don't we?  I also explained the choice to drown vs other killing methods since that bugged her as well.
The children have adjusted to me working and no longer throw fits when I come or go.  They cheer when I walk in, but no longer chase me to the door screaming for me when I go to leave for work.  They do other times, but if they know it is for work, they are ok with it.

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