Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I am a failure!

Ok, not really. But, I did indulge in this brownie type chocolate covered marshmallow infused decadent dessert at lunch time. I wasn't going to have any and the worker came over asking if I wanted one. "Want one? Yes. Need one? No." She brought one over. Was I supposed to be rude and refuse such gracious service?
My lady's laundry is done. She is playing bridge. I know nothing about it except cards are used and they eat chocolate covered pretzels.
There really isn't anything going on today. I am filling in with my lady for someone who is out sick. I was going to go to M's house so Husband can teach her soon-to-be husband how to butcher a chicken. But, that did not happen. One because I am here and two because it is very cold and windy with 50+mph winds. Not safe driving conditions over a highway. So, we sit tight and watch the wind and snow. Well, I am watching the wind and snow. The children are doing school work. The Spectrum curriculum I picked up for Charlie seems to be going well. I would still like to find a good science and history curriculum.
Tomorrow is piano lessons for Charlie and Bethany. Hopefully, Charlie is going to practice his two Christmas songs so he can play them at church. He does very well. He just needs a little practice with his timing.
I am hoping I have time to make some bread tonight. Or at least get the dough set to rise and Husband can make cinnamon balls and a couple of loaves of bread tomorrow. I can punch down for second rise before I come here tomorrow. I miss using whey to make bread. But once the goats are in milk again, that won't be an issue.


Lisa A. Goff, writer, stained glass, homeschooler said...

No, you certainly cannot be rude and refuse a brownie type chocolate covered marshmallow infused decadent dessert at lunch time. Why, the worker who offered it to you would have been highly offended. Of course . . . indulge! ;-)

Charlie will practice the Christmas songs if he remembers to bring them with him! Hint, hint.

Sasha said...

We use REAL Science Odyssey from Pandia Press and like it a lot. It's designed to be used for grades 1-4, so you can include your girls as well (I know they're not *that* old, but they'd still probably have fun).

There are lots of easy expirements, kind of like you did with your homeschool co-op.

For history you might look into History Odyssey (this is what we use) or you might like Mystery of History. The latter is Christian based so that might line up with your belief systems (it might not, I haven't actually seen this curriculum but I know a lot of people like it).

If you decide to go with something like History Odyssey let me know--I have an extra copy of Hillyer's "A Child's History of the World" that you can have.