Monday, November 16, 2009

Today I filed a police report on the Man who stole from us. I don't know when or where this will all end but it is becoming tiresome.

The death threat by a sad impotent man who is angry with the wrong person, me, is a pathetic joke. He should be angry at the one who hired him and didn't do the job right. He should be angry with himself for continuing to do sub standard work. But no, I am his target. I am able to defend myself enough said.

I also have taken my case to an attorney in town and have gotten a bid to have the damages repaired correctly. I feel very disappointed that it has come to this. I detest using lawsuits, but this is the correct action in this case. When wolves in sheep's clothing come to you in your time of need to devour you it becomes necessary to use the legal system to fight the battle.
I detest dishonest construction contractors. I hope that our lives can get back to "normal " one day, but right now there is no estimate of when that may be. There is no magic pill that can make this ok, there is no real sleep, there is no rest. Just the vision of what we had fading away.

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