Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The previous blog entry was from my husband. I am guessing he did not realize that he clicked on my blog instead. As you can see, we are still at pretty much of a stand still about when we can get back home.
In other news, Charlie is really enjoying Cub Scouts. He had a meeting last night and had a lot of fun. He also had a good time at the library yesterday. We did a weather class (I am the one teaching it and learning a lot of stuff myself as we go along) and one of the moms had a bunch of stuff from Japan. Her sister is living in Japan right now and will be coming home for a few weeks in December.
I have been slacking on keeping the homeschool blog up to date. We have been working, but I have not been posting. I went to Education World to look for some materials and while there was looking for the Grade 3 Spectrum math book, but they were out. I need to look online to see what I can find that way.


Sasha said...

If you have a Barnes and Noble nearby they carry Spectrum products (plus you can get a 20% discount as a homeschooler).

Lisa A. Goff, writer, stained glass, homeschooler said...

There's eventually going to be a Barnes and Noble just south of ISU. I was trying to remember where we had gotten Spectrum Math workbooks for MK, and it seems like it was at Staples. (If not Staples, Office Max) They have some children's school supplies and workbooks, and I'm almost, maybe 99% positive, that they carried Spectrum Math.