Thursday, November 19, 2009

Possible Lessons

There is a good chance that my children will start taking French. I have a good friend that I have done a lousy job at keeping in touch with due to both of our lives being chaotic. Anyway, she is offering French classes and I am checking with the homeschool group to see who might be interested. Even if no one is interested, I am still going to have Charlie and Bethany take lessons. Her husband is offering lessons in math from jr high level up through advanced mathematics for anyone who is interested. He is also a philosophy professor. (Well, was until ISU closed the philosophy department.) So, hopefully someone might have an interest in that. I'll use him when my children are older.
Yesterday, we spent the day at a friend's house. We had stayed over the night before. Husband went hunting with her future husband and Charlie. They didn't bag anything, but they did have fun. Charlie got to handle the shotgun. He didn't fire, but he did get to handle it. My baby boy is getting big.
Well, I need to head to work here.

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