Monday, November 23, 2009


I have been avoiding blogging because I am just too depressed to deal with things. I am tired of having my life up in the air not knowing what is going to happen with us, our family, our home, and our farm. Hopefully, this afternoon will answer many of the questions I have.
Meanwhile, weather class is going well. Except for with Charlie. He is just not paying attention and doesn't seem to get anything. I need to remind myself that I have had this frustration with him before and he would surprise me with what he did pick up. But when I say something then ask a question with the answer being what I just said and he stands there saying "Uuuuhhhhh.... Weather?" It is really annoying.
He has scouts tonight and there is a canned food drive. We are going to go to Aldi's and Charlie is going to pick up a few cans. We will match him dollar for dollar with what he spends out of his money.

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