Friday, October 9, 2009

Rain, rain, and more rain

Everything is soaked.  We did not get set up last night or today due to the rain.  Our backyard is underwater.  M's yard is squishy.  The tents are not waterproof.  The tables are wet.  Signs still need to go up.  We did get up a couple of wooden signs that got made last night and placed them out on 41.  We still need to go through La Leche League stuff.  Instead of starting sales today, we will be starting tomorrow. 

SIL called Bethany this morning.  She missed all the noise.  It made Bethany's morning.  Bethany and Hannah have been having a blast playing with the girls here and carrying around the baby and the cat.  Neither of which they are supposed to be doing, but that doesn't deter them from doing it.

As for me, I am enjoying having another adult around.  I miss my husband.  It is strange not having him in bed with me at night.  But with a child on either side of me, there wouldn't be room for him anyway.  I have been having tachycardia issues these past couple of days.  Maybe it's just heartache with not being with my husband.


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