Sunday, October 11, 2009

First, we started a day late due to weather.  Then yesterday, we had very little business.  I have sold a total of two bars and one bottle of soap.  It's 2:30 and there is nothing.  The bars were sold yesterday and the bottle was sold today.  

La Leche League made over $20.00 yesterday.  Today, we've made $5.00.

Tomorrow, Husband is going to drive around with the truck to try and get some soap sold.  This is depressing and frustrating.  I was hoping we would do a whole lot better.  People have slowed as they went by.  The Friend's Church across the street has had a bit of traffic since they are listed on the Covered Bridge Festival route.  But there has been nothing of any significance.  From what we've been told, a lot of vendors are complaining about lack of business.  Next year, we are setting up at home.  We'd probably do just as well there as we are here.

On the flip side, I have been enjoying the company.  I got introduced to Qdoba's last night.  Oh my goodness!  I have a new favorite Mexican place!  It is delicious, filling, affordable, and yummy!  I am also having fun playing with a baby, hanging out with a dear friend, and last night with no children, I slept in until 8:45 this morning.  WOW!

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Michelle in Illinois said...

I love Qdobas :)