Saturday, October 31, 2009

Productive Day

Well, productive in terms of a meeting I went to today. There was a parenting seminar today where I met some wonderful people. One was the breastfeeding coordinator for the state. I am hoping to be able to do more outreach and education with breastfeeding and hopefully help raise the breastfeeding rates not just in my little area, but eventually across the state. I was looking at the rates on the Indiana Perinatal Network site and it was rather depressing. Being classified as a rural area, I am sure this area is even worse if we were to break it down by county. I did hear some hopeful news when it comes to WIC and I do try to work with WIC as much as I can. WIC has certain guidelines they have to follow and they have their own handouts that they have to go by so there are some restrictions there. Being on the Breastfeeding Coalition of the Wabash Valley will hopefully help as well.
Charlie helped to sell popcorn today for cub scouts. I wanted to be there, but since I had the meeting, I couldn't go with him. He didn't care though. Husband went with him and he had fun. It's a guy thing and I have a feeling that when it comes to boy scouts, I am going to be pushed to the side since I'm a "girl-yuck." There's a scout meeting Monday night and I won't be at that either since I will be at the Coalition meeting. Once again, Charlie doesn't care. I'm "Mommy" like it is some sort of gross thing. The joys of seven year old boys.
The girls are a bit jealous of Charlie being in scouts. I told them that they can be in girl scouts in a couple of years. My babies are getting big.

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