Friday, October 30, 2009

Pizza Night?

That appears to be the trend. I have no clue why, but the children enjoy it so I go with it. It is also nice to not have to wonder what to make for dinner. Which also points out to me that I need to start menu planning again. It is hard to menu plan when I don't even know where we will be in the near future. Here? Home? I don't know.
I brought more groceries from home and also did grocery shopping. I spent quite a bit at Farmer's Market on produce. I miss the DTFM. The year round FM is not even local produce. It's shipped in half frozen. But the prices are reasonable so I buy. Besides, it is locally owned business. The rest of the stuff we picked up at Aldi's. I picked up several bags of frozen fruit. Mix that with the bananas from FM and you have a wonderful snack.
Tomorrow is a seminar and the focus is infant/toddler parenting. It is a four part seminar and there are two parts that interest me. One is on breastfeeding and the other is SIDS. I am interested in hearing what is said about breastfeeding beyond feeding a baby. I am also interested in hearing what is said about SIDS, breastfeeding, and co-sleeping. So, that is where I will be tomorrow.
While I am there, Husband will be taking Charlie to meet with his pack to sell popcorn. While I would love to be there, I know I can't be in two places at the same time and I know Charlie will have fun with his father and his new friends. My baby boy is getting big.

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Anonymous said...

between work and school for myself, my stepson and his job, todd's job and school (and traveling), church and sports that the kids go to... i never know what is going on for dinner either... I've been doing more and more meal planning that requires the crockpot so whoever is home can eat. Spring will be even worse I fear. LOL