Thursday, October 29, 2009

I decided to treat the children today during piano lessons. I did this once before and since they enjoyed it, I decided to do it again. I took the ones not in lesson to a restaurant up the road and when it came time for their lesson, I left, dropped the one off, picked the other up, and repeated that for the third. The waitress leaves the table alone and when she sees me coming in with a different child, she refills my cup and brings the dessert menu. Bethany and Hannah each had chocolate cake and Charlie had a strawberry milkshake. While we can't do this every time, being able to do it once in a while is nice. I enjoy it and so do they.
Hannah is still not too keen on piano lessons. I am going to do one more month and see how she does. I don't want to force her, but I don't want to drop her without giving her a chance. We'll see how it goes.
I still need to pick up some supplies for my weather class that will be starting on Monday. I have lots of half formed ideas. We will see where they lead.

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