Tuesday, October 13, 2009


That is what Covered Bridge turned into.  A complete and utter failure.  We ended up splitting the inventory and packing it in.  We are leaving half there and brought half with us.  We will do both DTFM and Covered Bridge this week-end.  Husband will be at DTFM and I will be at Covered Bridge.  I will go back to M's on Friday morning and stay until Saturday night.  At that point, I will pack up and come home.  I am very disappointed in how it turned out.  Next year, we will get a vendor spot.  They are expensive, but might be worth it with an increase in sales that we would get having it.  I am also thinking of a whole new display set up.  I have an idea in my head and just need to get it out and show Husband and see what he can do with it.
The construction at the house is coming along.  The mold is gone (I think) but there is still major construction mess.  There is no way we can go home yet until they are done and out of there.  I do need to spend some time there and do some major cleaning before we move back in.  I want it to be safe for the children and not have to worry like I had been since all this started back in June.
Charlie is coming along very well with his fifty states.  SIL has been working with him while I have been gone and Husband has been in and out.  He has memorized through half of M.  (There are a lot of M states.)  We are going to have him do more reading out loud.  He does well with it, but I want to see more.  
I am going to work with Bethany out of Teach Your Child To Read the rest of this week.  She knows her letters and most of the sounds, so this should be fun and easy for her.  The book is painfully slow, but it works especially when used in conjunction with "Ready to read" type books.
I am trying to not feel like I am wasting my time with the soap business and just remind myself that this past week has been a slump.  Pioneer Days was a success.  DTFM has been a success.  But Covered Bridge was not and it feels discouraging.  I just got my hopes up too high.  

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Michelle in Illinois said...

don't forget, Paris has the Shriner's parade and honeybee festival, which you could get booths at.