Thursday, October 15, 2009

Good Gravy!

I joined Facebook.  Me.  Why?  I am trying to work with it and am unimpressed.  I'll give it a bit and if I am still unimpressed, I'll just delete the account.  I don't "get it" I guess.

In other news, both girls have a nasty cold.  Yet, that has not slowed them down in the least.  Hannah has a fever to go with the cold.  I cancelled lessons for today and make-up lessons will be the next two Tuesdays.  (Last week was cancelled due to the L and MK being sick.)

Charlie has loose teeth and one of them looks like it will come out today.  Unfortunately, Charlie is not wanting any of his teeth gone.  This is rather traumatizing to him.

I am thinking about starting another blog just for homeschooling to help me keep track of what the children are doing, what they've done, etc.  I try to do that here a little bit, but this blog is more of a personal focus/organize my thoughts/day-to-day blog.  I am needing something separate.  So I will get that set up, then link the two.


Michelle in Illinois said...

I like facebook, mainly because I can connect to it via cell phone. I can post status updates, reply to status updates, follow people and read their status updates, etc. I'm also really enjoying it because it has connected me with family I never get to see and have never really known before due to location differences, and it's been fun getting to know them better. It's also allowing me to stay in better touch with aunts and cousins that are in Indy that I don't get to see all the time. Not to mention how many of my friends locally, from Indy, etc. I can keep in touch with there. It seems like everyone has a fb nowadays.

Kristi said...

It takes time to get into Facebook. I was really reluctant to get it and it took me awhile to warm up. Now I really enjoy how much I can keep up with my friends lives on a daily basis. The status messages are easier and faster than blogging.

If you want to add me, my name is Kristi Horn!