Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wonderful News!

The hole in Hannah's heart is healed!  While the bluing still requires explanation, the hole is not the source and any fears/concerns I had about the possibility of open heart surgery has been put to rest.  Hannah does have her three year check-up in December and at that point, I will ask about allergies and asthma.  I know that many doctors try to avoid the diagnosis of asthma at such a young age and that allergy testing under the age of four is often filled with false positives.  But, her heart is ok and for that I am very thankful.

Construction on the house started today while we were gone and the construction company has to pull an "I told you so" with the insurance company so they are playing telephone tag.  Meanwhile, they will start on the opposite side of the house and hopefully by the time they get to the bedroom, things will be settled and that work can get done.

I have dough rising for breakfast and bread for tomorrow.  I am going to make cinnamon balls and a few loaves of bread.  As I was kneading the dough tonight, Husband came up to me and said "Good to have you home."

Tomorrow, Husband is going to be working at the church.  I am going to make sure I can get to the soaps in the box before he goes so I can get that stuff poured and maybe get some orders mailed out.  I also have some bars that need wrapping. 

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Jena Photography said...

Glad Hannah is doing well. I saw you today at Pioneer Days in TH. My daughter Eliana will be 5 on Nov 14th. And her pedi diagnosed her with asthma at age 2. She also has a list of health issues. None as series as your Hanna's heart. But nonetheless it took a tole on me and her. I also feel she has allergies but have not had her tested yet. She has been through so much & if I can avoid dr's appts. I will. She has had 3 surgeries and too many dr's appts. to count. I did take her to an herbalist when she was 2.5. He confirmed some of my suspicions. She had reactions to dairy, white rice and sugar. Ah well I could talk for hours on Eliana's health and such. I wish I had known what I know now back then. Jeannette@JenaPhotography.com