Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Kill the rabbit, Kill the rabbit....

Today, I butchered one of the rabbits.  The other will be butchered later.  We are having one for dinner and the other I will make into a stew to can.  The hide came off easy enough and I was able to keep it all in one piece.  It went a lot easier than I thought it would especially since it was my first.  The amusing part was I was doing it outside with all these construction crew around.  Here's this "helpless" female in a long skirt  cutting off the head of a rabbit I just grabbed from his cage and drowned.  

The more amusing part was dissecting the internal organs and going over stomach content, intestines, lungs, liver, heart, kidneys, testicles, etc with Bethany and Hannah.  (Husband and Charlie were doing work at the church.)  

The other amusing thing was one of the guys had to use the bathroom and he asked about toilet paper.  I handed him cloth.  I wonder if the guys will bring their own tomorrow?

I did get some accomplished today.  I made cinnamon balls for breakfast, a loaf of bread that the family devoured, scrubbed the kitchen and dining room floor on my hands and knees, butchered a rabbit, helped the girls with math, and right now I have dinner in the oven.

Hannah has her circles down and now we are working on squares.  Bethany is still grasping 2+4=.  But, she is starting to understand.  She gets it some times and other times, she doesn't.  Baby steps.  

After church tonight, I will be taking care of more soaps.  Hopefully, I will get it all done.

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Michelle in Illinois said...

poor rabbit