Monday, September 14, 2009


With the exception of going over all of it with chicken wire, the fencing is DONE!  YAY!  (Thank you, my love.)  Next up is to finish the barn.  We made a run to the scrap yard and dumped a lot of scrap metal.  So that is also finally out of the yard.  It is frustrating how slow going it is sometimes, but in order for anything to get done and still have a functioning husband, it is work ten minutes and take a break for an hour.  Makes for very long drawn out projects.

The rabbits will be set aside tomorrow for butchering and cleaning on Wednesday.  It looks like Brightspot might have pinkeye.  We need to get a closer look.  The flies have been horrible and that is how this is spread.  We have been doing what we can to reduce the population, but have been having no luck.  If anyone has any ideas, let me know.

The contractors never showed today.  They are a day behind so they will (hopefully) show up tomorrow and get started.  Granted, we will be at St. Vincent with Hannah.  But, that's ok.  

I got a bunch of cleaning done inside today and also got the forms filled out for tomorrow.  I haven't even made it to St. Vincent yet and already I am impressed.  The person who does the intake and fills out the forms for the insurance companies called me today to make sure she had all the information correct and to get Hannah's SS#.  While no referrals are needed with the exception of durable medical equipment and drug/alcohol/mental health treatment, she wanted to make sure there would be no problems with the insurance company.  (We do have a referral, but that doesn't always go through either.)

She made sure we were aware of the things we would need and let me know that if I had any questions to give her a call.  She volunteered her name.  I didn't have to ask.  At first, I thought this was maybe the receptionist, but the receptionist for the doctor we are seeing called later to remind us about tomorrow's appointment.  So, yes, I am impressed.  We will see how tomorrow's appointment goes.

Soaps are going to be poured after dinner.  The children are going to get baths and early bed times tonight since we will be getting up early tomorrow.  Once they are in bed, I will start pouring and putting ingredient labels on.  The front labels will go on later.  

Time to check on dinner and get the table set.

I am glad to be home with my family.  Thank you, God for being patient with me as You pointed me back home where I belong.


Anonymous said...

Kim, I see busy days and evenings for you, but see peace in your words. :)

Laura (zachytacky)

sasha said...

I'm glad that you're going to St Vincent. Sergei's kindermusik teacher had a micropreemie with various issues and she was less than pleased with Riley. She credits SV to saving her daughter's life.

The best thing we've found for flies is spreading d earth around and spraying the cows with dairy cow fly spray from Orscheln. Awful poison, of course, but so are flies.

It sounds like you are very relieved to be away from McDonalds.