Thursday, September 10, 2009

Talked with S

I went to McDonald's and spoke with S.  Seeing my husband have a major seizure (two back to back) pretty much cinched my decision to go back to nights.

S was not happy to see me.  I still feel like crud.  I have both girls with me and get them nugget happy meals.  (I didn't get myself anything since my stomach has been upset and I feel seconds away from vomiting.)

Anyway, after waiting for her to grace me with her presence, she does finally come in and I shoo the girls to the play place so I can talk with her.  She doesn't even bother to sit down and says "I have less than a minute."  (And she is supposedly approachable?)

"Mornings is not working for my family.  I need to go back to nights."

"Well, days is where we need people."

"Days is not working for my family.  My husband just had a major seizure due to exhaustion.  I need to go back to nights."

"Did you talk to B about this?"

"Not yet.  I decided to talk to you first before approaching B with my hours and changing them again."

"Well, we just had a bunch of people go to nights since school started.  I don't know what hours there will be if any available to you."  (Translation.  My hours are going to be severely cut as retaliation for going back to nights.  This has happened with people before.)

After that (the same person who just got done saying she had no time to talk to me) she goes over to where a couple of contractors are talking with the owner and she is just standing there with a smile on her face as they are bantering back and forth about speed traps and highways.  I can see how pressured you were to get back to work.

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