Sunday, September 13, 2009

So Much For Sunday Naps!

Bethany is very lucky that she is alive.  I am ready to skin her alive!  She got the scissors and went outside and cut her hair!  She did it herself this time.  There is no blaming Charlie.  She actually came inside and asked George if he was going to be going outside.  Talk about premeditated!  This can not be fixed.  This will be a year of hats and bonnets.  I am livid!  I called up D and jokingly told her I want to go back to work.  She laughed at me.

I told my pastor that I quit my job.  He gave me a thumbs up.  Apparently, he was not too pleased with me working either.  Apparently, a lot of people were not happy with me working and how I was running myself into the ground at an accelerated rate.

Tomorrow, the fencing is going to be finished and food is going to be withheld from the rabbits so they can be butchered on Tuesday when we get back from Indy.  I am also going to walk the backyard and start visualizing the garden for next year.  Oh, and harvest the potatoes.  Construction is going to start tomorrow as well.  (It better.)  This week is going to be a week of thinning the flock of roosters, keeping an eye on the hens and take care of any not laying, and basically building our meat supply for the freezer.  

I am slowly getting the house back in order and will be going through the children's clothes and pull out the fall/winter stuff.  I will probably start on the clothes on Wednesday.

Tuesday, Hannah sees the pediatric cardiologist.  I was talking with a homeschool mom who is not only a cardiac patient herself but before becoming a SAHM, she was a nurse and specialized in cardiac patients.  She sees a lot of the same things I see in watching Hannah and had pointed out some of the more disturbing things.  One thing I am going to demand is a repeat on the tests that have been done and make a list of questions that I already have in my head.  

I am trying not to worry.  I know she will be ok.  But how do I not worry?


Lisa A. Goff, writer, stained glass, homeschooler said...

How odd . . . just Thursday at lesson, Bethany brought up the subject about Charlie cutting her hair before, saying he "made" her bring him the scissors to cut her hair . . . and she seemed still angry about it. Now, she cut her own three days after talking about it? I wonder just what she was thinking . . . and here, her hair was finally getting long-ish.

Oh well . . . again, it will grow. Sigh.

Michelle in Illinois said...

Quite honestly when I heard you were working, I was shocked. I didn't see how you could possibly have the time!!