Saturday, September 12, 2009


A lot of things are better.  I am feeling better.  My husband is feeling better.  My children seem happier.  When I asked them if they wanted me working or wanted me home, they cheerfully said "Home."  While their choice would have had very little bearing on my decision, it is nice to know how they feel about things and that they prefer me home rather than gone.  

Guess who else is better?  Flora.  We stopped the abx last Saturday in anticipation of putting her down on Monday.  Apparently, she was reacting to the abx.  While she certainly needed them, she is also allergic to them.  We didn't give any to her on Saturday and on Sunday, she started looking a little better.  She still looked horrid, but better.  Monday, she looked better still.  So, we decided to see what no more abx would do.  Today, she can see.  And, she is hungry.  She is eating voraciously and we've been tying her outside so she could have fresh air and sunshine and natural browse while still keeping her separated.  While we will never breed her again, it is good to see her recovering.

On the first, Robin and Big Brown will be going to Spendal's.  It is time to fill the freezer.  We will be taking care of roosters this week as well and slowly giving away the rest of the pork.  Some will be going to SIL's and some to other people.  

Contractors will start actual work (not just dropping tools off) this next week as well.

I like being home again.  This is where I belong.  It will be years before I start working again,  My family is still too young.  My heart is still at home.  This is where I am needed, wanted, and where God wants me to be.

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