Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Good news and basic blogging

The good news is our head rooster is NOT dead.  It was another rooster with very similar markings.  But our head roo is very much alive and standing tall.  

Flora is still on the sick list.  Her eyes go from cloudy to draining to cloudy to draining.  it is frustrating.  But, we are still working with her.

Today is bill paying day so after breakfast, we will be going out and paying bills.  Nothing important.  Just minor things like mortgage, vehicles, utilities, etc.  ;)

Tonight is my last night on nights.  I get off at 11:00 tonight and have to be back tomorrow at 0400.  I know I am going to be missed.  I already had a lot of people tell me how much they missed me when I was gone to Conference.  Comments like "You are one of the nicest people who work here" and "I missed you so much.  I'm glad you are back."  and "You're here!  You were gone so long!  I missed you!"  I was also greeted with lots of hugs.  When I told them that I was switching to openings beginning Wednesday, all of them were upset.  We'll see how openings go.  I was told that I would hate night shift and while there is language, people enjoy each other.  The rough-housing is done, but the camaraderie is still there.  I care about these people.  

The computer repair place just called about my laptop.  Funeral services will be held Thursday at 2:00pm.  The eulogy will be given by Bill Gates followed by a burial service.  The mother board is shorted out.  It will cost more to fix than it is worth.

We need to get going and get the bills paid.


Sasha said...

Ugh. I'm sorry about your laptop. IME they really aren't worth fixing. I spent $150 getting one fixed last winter just to have it break again (something different) a couple of months later.

I broke down and just bought a netbook. It was only $250 and I'm pleased with it.

Lisa A. Goff, writer, stained glass, homeschooler said...

Oh, my goodness, you sure made me laugh with the funeral arrangements for the computer.

I shouldn't laugh though. I've been having difficulties with mine and I'm worried that it might not hold out much longer . . . VERY not a good thing since I use it for my job and for school!!