Wednesday, September 2, 2009

And they came two by two

Today, I was going to blog about errand running and having a new (used) laptop that I am now typing on and all kinds of other neat stuff.  Instead, I am going to blog about how strange things seem to happen in my life.  Things like I am up on the balcony laying down in bed and this vehicle comes up our driveway and the children go running opening the door.  I have no idea who these people are, but my children are very welcoming.  So I am chasing after them because I don't know these people and they ask if we own any cattle.
Huh?  Not last time I checked.  Goats?  Yep.  Chickens?  Yep.  Rabbits?  Yep.  Donkeys?  Yep.  Cats?  Yep.  Cows?  Uh, no.
At the end of the driveway, there are a couple of young female cows that are (by my best uneducated guess) to be about a year and a half.  And they are meandering up the driveway.  Ok.  We now have cows.  We weren't interested in cows.  We don't really have the room.  I don't know anyone around who has cows.  Most of the farms around here are crop, not livestock.  But, we'll put them in to keep them safe so they don't get hurt or hurt anyone who might hit them going down the road.
I went to various neighbors and asked around.  No one knows.  The best guess was "____ over across the ravine about a few miles up, but he has buffalo, not cattle.  And he got out of buffalo a few years back, but they weren't too sure if he had any cattle or anything since then.  So-and-so had hog and cattle until he got out of the farm business about 30 years ago.  That was when he lived up over yonder on that house up there.  What color did you say them cows were?"  George called the Sheriff's department and they sent over a neighbor's son who took the report, called it in, then went to check on his dad and asked if we were going to have a cattle roast if no one claimed them.  Sure.  Why not.  I don't know what we are going to do.  If someone claims them, great.  If not, we'll probably have one butchered and the other one, I have no idea.  Butcher it next year?  We aren't wanting to breed cows.  The meat would be nice.  I love beef.  But we don't have the room to raise cows.  A single cow, maybe.  But that's about it.
Anyway, the children were sent to bed early, George is at church, I need to get to be because I have to be up at 3:00 in the morning.  The children have piano lessons tomorrow.  We will start Hannah in October.  I want her to have a month watching so she knows what to expect.  Being a child of 100% mischief, she will need to know what is expected of her and what kind of environment she will be in.  Otherwise, she will create chaos, bedlam, and destruction.  So, she will be watching Charlie and Bethany.  I also need to figure out who has what for make-up lessons.  I can't keep track anymore.  Maybe with me going to openings, I will do better.
I can't believe two cows just came walking up our driveway.  Well, why not.  We have all kinds of other animals come up our driveway and find their way to our house.

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