Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday Update

ELECTRICITY:  Granted, it has been two weeks since the last update, but hey.  I was out of state.  Anyway, the reading is lower over the past two weeks than it has been for a while.  No constant air conditioning helps.  Although, I am puzzled by the fact that the solar panel above Charlie’s room won’t turn off.  It is making it very warm in this house and hard to breath.  While the heat will be nice for the winter, it is not nice now.  We have had to turn the A/C on the past couple of days to combat the heat put off by the heat being put out.  Right now, we are at just over 100%.  How we will maintain that (or get lower) with this issue, I don’t know.

Meter reading:  79439

Usage:  491kwh (14 day period.)

Percentage: 116%


IDC:  We didn’t do much this week.  Although I did give a food package to A who had lost her husband.  I gave her some pork, green beans, canned beans, and pumpkin.  I also gave her some soap and some soap for her daughter as a personal “take care of yourself” and “your daughter is not forgotten in all of this either” type of thing.  One of the perks about doing things like stocking up on stuff or growing/canning, etc is when a crisis hits, we have the means to say “here.”  I was reading an e-mail about a family who lost everything in a fire and the person who helped them is similar to us in that she and her family keeps emergency supplies.  Only she has been doing it a lot longer and has a much bigger supply.  Being an emergency contact for the Red Cross, she had gotten the phone call late at night with “We need clothes, toiletries, food, etc for this family.  Make whatever phone calls or arrangements you need to make this happen.”  No phone calls were made.  (Nothing would have been open anyway.)  She went into her supplies and gathered everything the family needed from there and was able to help out in this emergency without waking other people.  IDC. Independence Day Challenge.  It is real independence to be able to do something like that on that short of a notice and know that you were able to make a difference just by living the way you live.  While we are not there yet (and I don’t know if we ever will be) it is a nice goal to aim for.


GARBAGE: We have not had an increase in garbage because the contractors still have not shown up.


GASOLINE:  This week, my mileage is 18mpg.  The 2mpg difference is probably driving difference.  25 gallons went in the other day.


MONEY:  This last paycheck was not very much.  Between the “new” laptop and filling the van, it was pretty much gone.  This last electric bill was a two month bill, so it hurt us.  It was $504.  How we missed the electric bill last month, I have no idea.  The big purchase this month was the $400 horse trailer.  We have been looking at them for some time now trying to find one we can afford that would be suitable for our purposes.  This looks like it.  It also came with tons of clothes.  Not a lot suitable for us, but some we were able to put aside to be washed.  So, the children got a few new clothes out of the deal.  The rest is going away. 

Anyway, the one time things this month:
Horse Trailer:  $400

Computer (Including diagnostic of the last computer):  $128

Conference:  $360

Rain Barrels: $4

Total: $884


HOMESTEAD:  This is bizarre.  We have cows.  Two of them.  They just showed up in our yard.  They took a walk up our driveway and went right into the yard.  Strange.  The owners have a week to claim them.  We’ve called the police.  We had someone from the Sherriff’s Department here to take a report.  He called it in.  We made follow up calls there.  We called the paper to put an ad in and they will run it for a week.  We are doing everything we can to return them and keeping track of the feed.  They do not get claimed, we take them to Spendal’s.

We are going to put Flora down on Monday unless she shows massive improvement.  We are not going to be able to eat her so it will be a bullet to the back of the head.  She will provide us with a learning opportunity and we will learn how to process our own meat.  The meat on her will get burned since it is not edible, but at least her death won’t be a total waste.  That is about all I can find in this.


HOMESCHOOL:  Not much has changed here.  We looked at curriculum the other day and will be purchasing on line since Open Door is expensive.   



1.   Enjoy Conference.  (This is a given, but it is nice to have a goal that doesn’t require a lot of effort every once in a while.) = This I definitely did.  Except for the whole taking Hannah to the ER bit.  The cardiology appointment for her is on the 15th.

2.   Get the apples done before Monday morning. = They were forgotten so I gave them to K.

3.   Be aware of what I am eating.  I always gain during these church events. = I maintained my weight.  This isn’t bad.  I do need to start losing again.

4.   Finish wrapping all soaps. = This is an ongoing thing.

5.   Get all liquid soaps poured. = This is also an ongoing thing.



1.   Reorganize my life.  It is chaotic.  My house is a constant mess and we have half finished project both in and out.  I want the fence done.  I want the barn done.  I want the WVO system going.  I want my living room back.  I want my bedroom back.  I want my house back.

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